Friday, October 15, 2010

Complicated Day..

Stay at Kangar almost whole day~

Hoo~~ so tired,because of eating and singing~~


What a crazy day~~ Wanna apologize to muimui><

and a very thank you to PeiShan~~

Can't imagine that i dance "Gee" == 48 paiseh lor!!(知道还做..)

Don't know why i did that in front of many people~~ (回想..)

Owh~~ So geli~~~~(>_<)~~~~(后果 ---》想呕)

PEK CEK lor!! i really should change my school uniform 1 ><''

Get shoot by C.H.Tan pulak~~

Also so UGLY!! =_____=

Buddha please help me T_________T(诚心~)


Hope my MUET test can pass smoothly~~ Bobi Bobi T^T

Not only MUET, end year exam also!! 福气啦!!!!!(起笑..)


  1. haha....C.H.Tan shoot u wat o??? hehe...

  2. he said i dress like little kid==

    He said Syed Hassan challenge the colour of the king~hahaXD

  3. u look like a little kid? hahahahaha...

    lols... >.< hehe..